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  • Ultra Clean Sticky Mat 26″ x 45″

    Ultra Clean Sticky Mat 26″ x 45″

    Features and Benefits:

    • – Made from High quality low-density polyethylene
    •    materials with a Water-based adhesive
      – Numbered tabs help to keep track of number of
    •    sheets
      – Mats capture and remove traces of contamination in
    •    shoes or wheels effectively
      – Available sizes are 24’ x 36” and 26” and 45”.
    • – Comes in shades: Blue, White and Grey.
    • 30 sheets per mats, 8 mats per carton
    • Blue mats are available for online purchase. To purchase White and Grey mats, please contact our sales team directly


    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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