UItra Clean ESD Solvent Dispenser

Ultra Clean ESD Solvent Dispenser

Features and Benefit

  • Static dissipative dispensers come with a stainless steel pump
  • Bottle is made of HDPE mixed with  Anti-static compound
  • Pump is designed with air tight check valve  that protects against cross contamination by keeping fluid from returning to dispenser
  • Surface Resistivity: 9 x 1010
  • Volume Resistivity: 9 x 1010
  • Comes in shades Blue, Pink and White
  • This item is not available for online purchase. To purchase, please contact our sales staff directly.


ESD solvent dispensers


  • Used to dispense a variety of solvents in cirtical environments
  • Dispensers are the ideal for dispensing alcohol, acetone, isopropanol, ethanol, methanol, terpenes, thinner or any other liquid applied with swabs or wipes
  • Solvent dispenser are insensitive to environment conditions