Face Mask – 3 Ply ES Headband

Headband (Elastic)

  • 2 Ply SPP
  • 3 Ply SPP
  • 4 Ply SPP
  • 2 Ply ES
  • 3 Ply ES
  • 4 Ply ES

Available in 180mm and 210mm lengths



Ultra Clean Face Masks:

Our facemask is manufactured and packed in a clean controlled environment. They do not contain amide, silicone or DOP.  Different variations of facemasks are available.

ES Material Face Mask
ES material is a thermal bonded mixture of Polypropylene and Polyethylene. It has low particle generation properties and is widely used in clean controlled environments.

SPP Material Face Mask
SPP is also known as Spun Bond Polypropylene. It is used in the construction of face masks for their soft texture, comfortable fit and good breathability.

Filter Material Layer
Melt Blown ES used as filtration medium of 3 Ply face mask as it further enhances its particle and bacterial filtration efficiency


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Bags (50 pieces per bag), Carton (40 bags per carton)