Cleanroom Heat Resistant Glove, HK12

HK12 Cleanroom Heat Resistant Gloves

Glove Composition
Palm : Kevlar®
Back : Kevlar®
Inside: Polyester felt/ Polyester tricot

Features and Benefits

  •   –  Withstands a maximum heat of 500°c
  •   –  Kevlar® filament is used in the palm of the glove
  •   –  Carbon fiber woven in gloves enables it to be used       in work sensitive to static electricity
  •   –  Cut and heat resistant
  •   –  Comfortable to work in
  •   –  Length: 28cm


HK12 Cleanroom Heat Resistant

Cleanroom Heat Resistant Gloves are designed for processes that require handling objects at elevated temperatures without compromising cleanliness or potential damage to static discharge.


  • –  Semiconductor, SMT Assembly, Disk Drive.
    –  For applications that require thermal glove protection, static and contamination control.
    –  Gloves can be used for packing in a cleanroom of class 100

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